Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 and our decision to close, our staff, families and clients are at the forefront of all of the decisions made. Even with that said, this is a small businesses worst nightmare and the uncertainty/unknown is stressful for everyone so we also need to protect the operations which in turn will protect our staffs livelihoods.

While government has thrown around the idea of EI for everyone and said they are being relaxed with their rules, that is not the case even in the slightest. It is simply not a matter of just applying and getting EI. So to do our part in trying to take care of our employees until we can get back in to the shops, we are offering these online gift cards for you to buy and use when we are back open. In doing this, we are hopefully going to be able to pay our staff something each week so they do not have to jump through the hoops and the waiting periods of these “relaxed” rules, hours long queues and multitudes of applications meaning an astronomical wait time and can hopefully continue to support our staff and their families while still being able to guarantee you the service we are known for once things settle down and you feel like making it into the shop on your own steam and safety.

We know that not everyone is in the position of buying a gift card for a haircut at this point in time, so even if you just share the news, it could help a team of incredibly amazing people through this tough time because it is not as easy as “just apply for EI”. You will be able to get a (much needed) session in the shop when things get back to normal.

Be safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones and we will see you on the other side of this.

Buy your gift cards HERE